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BrightBoyTech Digital Marketing Workshops provide up-to-date digital marketing training. While trends in digital marketing are continually increasing, we understand the need for credible and simplified Digital Marketing training. This training will help individuals and organizations to make the best out of their digital platforms. Increase results by investing with your people to grow their skills, which will impact your ROI using digital marketing.

Get ready with us to learn content creation, digital marketing foundations, and the fundamentals of all-in-one effective solutions.

Digital Marketing Workshops



Elevate and Innovate your organization by building a solid starting point. Make your team understand the Digital Marketing strategies, and confidently speak about digital marketing tactics that your whole organization can understand.

  • We help build skills and digital marketing fluency from the beginning to intermediate and advanced levels.
  • We conduct customized training for your organization to meet your expectations and make each class relevant to your organization.
  • We provide hands-on examples to improve the learning experience we use actual strategic and tactical applications.

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Do you know that most companies spend almost 50% of marketing budgets on Digital Marketing? That increase is estimated to continue. Companies must understand the foundations and essentials of digital marketing to succeed.

Get your team ready to become digitally fluent and speak the same language with our foundation-level training. We provide hands-on training and teach strategies that work to help your organization grow.  

Our Digital Marketing Foundations Workshop covers all of the foundational aspects of digital marketing. We cover everything from strategy, implementation, and measurement. This workshop covers the what, why, and how to get to the top using digital marketing tools.

Do we also provide a more advanced level of training? Absolutely. With our Digital Marketing Mastery workshop, it may be a requirement to get additional training to understand and improve your skills that will help your organization hit your target results.


Our Digital Marketing Foundations Workshop will prepare you to know the fundamental aspects of digital marketing. Our program design is tailor-made for you – fully customized for your objectives, target audience, and industry.


  1. Learn about the behavior of your target audience in digital marketing.
  2. Understand the size and scope of work of your digital marketing audience.
  3. Discover competitors, and learn where your industry/organization stands on the digital marketing hierarchy.


  • Discover Proven Effective Steps and Strategies
  • Let us determine your goal, strategy, objectives, and tactics
  • Defining your target audience

Effective Concepts for a Successful Digital Marketing

  • Understand digital content strategy (user value and brand value)
  • Discover content types/formats and trends
  • How to compose a compelling content
  • Implement a Customer-first in mind digital marketing strategies



Google My Business

Why do you need your GOOGLE MY BUSINESS to be 100% optimized, actively engaged to end-users, and regularly posting content?

GMB is a widely used online listing that provides GPS Business Locator, and One-click mobile phone dial system features to customers searching on Google online.
  • It can help increase your STAR Ratings & Your Appeal Online through our regular & creative posters
  • Boost Your Online Reputation & Earn Customer Trust with our customer relations & testimonial campaign
  • Increase Your Website Traffic, Sales, and ROI
  • Rank Higher On The Search Engine Result
  • Increase Customer Engagement – Talk to Customers Straight from Your mobile through Google My Business via Chat or a Call
  • Make Your Brand Stand Out From Your Competitors
  • Bring Customers Right through your Business Doorsteps via Google Map
Why Facebook? Facebook has billions of active users. Now that is a lot of traffic you should not ignore. On Facebook, you can find your clients, competitors, suppliers, employees, partners, and prospective customers. From our workshops, everyone, from beginner to advanced levels, will be able to find practical and actionable ways to get results on Facebook.
  • Find out how you can utilize Facebook to grow your business 
  • Discover the most profitable techniques for building and optimizing your Facebook Business Page
  • Uncover how to build the correct audience on Facebook for your industry to hit your target
  • Learn how to design persuasive Facebook content that will engage numerous audiences on Facebook
  • Explore cutting-edge Facebook insights and stats to comprehend results
  • Discover secret features and functionality to boost results on Facebook
  • Learn Facebook Pages Quick-Start Guide
  • Facebook Business Manage Quick-Start Guide
  • Learn From the Experts Proven Tips & Tricks
  • Find Out How to Add Captions to Your Videos and Posters
  • Social Media Content Creation Ideas 
Why LinkedIn? There are 660 Million LinkedIn users, and 50% of them are regular active LinkedIn users. Who are these users? They are business professionals. They search for information, assess online reputation and credibility, connect with other businesses and professionals, discover business partners, get recommendations about business topics, and more. In Our LinkedIn Marketing workshops, you will learn everything you need to get started and create a presence that makes an outstanding impression.
  • Discover why LinkedIn is a very effective social media channel for B2B
  • Find out how to set up and optimize your personal LinkedIn Account (LinkedIn Personal Profile Quick-Start Guide), and LinkedIn Business Page (LinkedIn Company Page Quick-Start Guide) 
  • Discover effective methods and strategies on how to grow your network on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to create a strategy to maximize your impact
  • Take advantage of the targeted feature on LinkedIn ads and learn how to analyze the results
  • Discover the importance and how to make a LinkedIn Action Planner
  • Discover how the LinkedIn Algorithm works
Why Instagram? Find out how to get more profitable results on Instagram through Brightboy Digital Marketing Workshops. Boost brand awareness, connect with potential customers, and drive sales through videos, images, and more.  Everyone is welcome to join! Beginners to advanced levels will find helpful ways to get results from our Instagram marketing technique.
  • Construct an Instagram business strategy to secure success
  • Know how to set up an Instagram business account from scratch
  • Discover how to grow and attend to followers on Instagram.
  • Design and implement a content plan with best practices that can really bring results.
  • Learn from the Pro some Instagram Tips & Tricks
  • Adding Captions to Your Videos and Posters made easy
  • Discover Social Media Content Bright Ideas you should not miss 
Why Twitter? As one of the more established social media marketing tools, Twitter has a strong history of providing measurable results for businesses. Our Twitter Marketing Course will teach you exactly how to use Twitter for marketing your business. Everyone, from beginner to advanced users, will find practical and actionable ways to get results from this Twitter Marketing Course.
  • Understand how to strategically use Twitter to grow and engage followers
  • Learn step-by-step how to set up a Twitter business strategy to get results
  • Get in-depth details on using Twitter to develop and achieve your objectives
  • Take your Twitter marketing to the next level with advanced optimization tips
  • Learn effective Twitter ad set-up and execution
  • Twitter Personal Profile Quick-Start Guide
  • Twitter Company Page Quick-Start Guide
  • Social Media Priorities Quick-Start Guide – Plus Steps to Getting Started
  • Twitter Business Account Checklist
  • Twitter Tips & Tricks
  • Adding Captions to Your Videos Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Content Ideas Cheat Sheet
Why YouTube? YouTube Video is the most powerful form of media because it is visually appealing and highly engaging. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message and connect with an audience. In this video marketing course, you will learn how to create video strategically, so it drives actual results for your business or organization, not just views. You’ll learn the tips for creating video confidently and how to add professional elements that set you apart from your competitors. You will love the results you get from this highly effective media format. We’ll cover the basics of advanced optimization so you can get the most out of your Video Marketing Strategy.
  • Steps to planning a successful video marketing strategy
  • Content ideas that get results
  • Best practices for producing and editing video
  • Ways to optimize and promote your video
  • How to identify and gain insights from key metrics
  • Advanced tips for adding professional quality to your video
  • Video Captions Cheat Sheet
  • Video Optimization Quick-Start Guide
  • Creating Great Video Content Checklist
  • Home Video Studio Equipment Checklist
  • Video Best Practices per Channel Cheat Sheet
Why Pinterest? Pinterest sends more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter combined. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn everything you need to know about how leading businesses like yours are using Pinterest, from this Pinterest Marketing Course. Everyone, from beginner to advanced users, will find practical and actionable ways to get results.
  • Discover the power of Pinterest as a driver of traffic back to your website
  • Learn how to set up your business profile, and build a following.
  • Develop a Pinterest content strategy based on objectives that get results
  • Create content for pinning, strategically repinning, using rich pins, and more.
  • Understand Pinterest ads and analytics to measure your success.
  • Pinterest Marketing Quick-Start Guide
  • Social Media Priorities Quick-Start Guide – Plus Steps to Getting Started
  • Pinterest Marketing Checklist
  • Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Adding Captions to Your Videos Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Content Ideas Cheat Sheet
Why Blogs? Blogging is an effective way to reach your audience at different stages of the buying cycle with relevant content. This form of owned media becomes even more powerful when the content is amplified online and on social networks. In this Blogging Course, you will learn how to build a blog for your business or personal brand, and how to create a promotion strategy that drives big results. Everyone, from beginner to advanced users, will find practical and actionable ways to get results.
  • Learn how to set up and manage your blog to drive results
  • Develop content calendars and a promotion plan
  • Learn best practices for creating compelling content and images
  • Build a promotion strategy to get your blog in front of the right audience.
  • Explore settings and plugins to improve your overall experience
  • Blogging Quick-Start Guide
  • Blog Optimization Checklist
  • Blogging Tips & Tricks


Mobile Friendly
Making your website mobile-friendly is a must. Most website visitors will be visiting your website on their mobile. This is the reason why speed and design are important to optimize the effective use of end-users when visiting your website. In this training, we will discuss if AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Is it Right For You? – What Works and What are the Biggest Mistakes in Digital Marketing and How to Avoid Them?
  • Website Navigation Best Practices
  • Five Tips for Good Website Navigation
  • Choosing the Right Mobile Approach
  • Mobile-Friendly Design Key Elements
  • Evaluating Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Common Website Design Practices
Website Speed
Development: Website Speed
  • Website Speed Quick-Start Guide – What Impacts Site Speed and How to Improve It.
User Experience
Website User Experience Checklist
  • Learn the essentials to building a successful website that converts
  • Learn how to build your information architecture
  • Develop an effective content strategy and design for the best user experience
  • Focus on visual design, including best practices for desktop and mobile
  • Learn how to add custom site features to boost engagement and results
  • Planning Your Website Strategically Quick-Start Guide
  • Planning Your Website Content Strategically Quick-Start Guide
  • Website Speed improvement
  • SEO Keyword Research Quick-Start Guide – Identify the Best Keyword Targets
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Quick-Start Guide
  • Copywriting for Search Quick-Start Guide – Steps to Building a Great Keyword List and Writing Copy That Ranks
  • Website SEO Quick-Start Guide
  • SEO Advanced Quick-Start Guide – Checklist to Build the ART of SEO and How to Measure Success
  • Blogging Quick-Start Guide
  • What Makes a Great Website Checklist – Ten Things Every Website Must Have Plus On-page SEO Best Practices
  • What Content Should Be On My Website Checklist
  • Website Content Checklist
  • Website User Experience Checklist – Seven Elements of Positive UX
  • Website Evaluation Checklist
  • Website Contact Information and Forms Checklist
  • Blogging Checklist
  • Digital Measurement and KPI Cheat Sheet
Meta Data
  • SEO Keywording and Copywriting Best Practices
  • How Many Words and what Keywords to Use for the Meta Data
  • Measuring Results Using SEO Tools
  • Meta Tags Demystified
  • On-Page SEO Tips
  • Content Creation Tools
How to choose the best SEO-friendly domain name?
  • Should You Have Keywords In Your Domain Name
Ethical SEO Technical Considerations
SEO Technical considerations
  • How Do I Get My Local Business More Visibility in Google?
  • How Do I Get More Positive Reviews?
  • Should I Have Keywords In My Domain Name?
  • Does Social Media Help SEO?
  • Should My Site Be Secure?
Website Analytics Overview
Google Analytics Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so you can make smarter decisions for your business. In this Google Analytics Course, you will learn how to navigate the vast amount of data found in Google Analytics and focus on gaining insights from that data. Once you’ve taken the Google Analytics master class, you’ll be able to answer the question, “are my marketing campaigns working?” How to use Google Analytics to evaluate the success
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Quick-Start Guide
  • Setting up Google Analytics Quick-Start Guide
  • Introduction to Digital Measurement
  • The Challenges of Digital Measurement
  • The Goal of Digital Marketing Measurement
  • Good Measurement Starts with Strategy


Keywords are essential for two major things which are Advertising SEARCH ADVERTISING – KEYWORDS TARGETING
  • Search Ads Targeting
  • Search Ads Targeting – Explicit vs. Implicit Search
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative Keywords
  • Keywords: Create Seed List
  • Keywords: Research
  • Keywords: Refine
  • Keywords: Identify Keyword Targets
  • Align Keywords with Search Intent
  • Targeting by Demographic
  • Targeting by Location
  • Targeting by Interest
  • Retargeting or Remarketing Ads
  • Keywords: Create Seed List
  • Keywords: Research
  • Keywords: Refine
  • Keywords: Identify Keyword Targets
  • Keywords for Every Stage of the Funnel
Google Trends
DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS: SEO – GOOGLE TRENDS Google Trend is a tool to see the statistics of traffic per keyword. The more visitors the more Google trends data will show over a span of 12 months or more. Here are other tools used by SEO experts to understand the current trend and the market behavior for the span of 12 months.
  • Organize and Manage Your SEO with Screaming Frog
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis with SEMrush
  • Run an SEO Audit On Your Site with WooRank
  How to use digital tools to learn about your target audience?
    • Google Search, Google Trends, Audience Insights (Facebook), Social Networks, Answer the Public, Buzz Sumo, etc.
    • Content best practices (that work NOW)
    • Social media content optimization
    • Content creation tools and workflows
  Discover other digital tools to learn about your target audience:
    • Google Search, Google Trends, Audience Insights (Facebook), Social Networks, Answer the Public, Buzz Sumo, etc.
    • Digital content optimization
Google, Yahoo, and Bing
Learn how to utilize Google and (Yahoo) Bing Ads
  • Import Google Ads Campaigns into Bing Ads
  • Create Bing Ads
Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy Quick-Start Guide
  • Social Media Strategy Checklist
  • Social Media Priorities Quick-Start Guide – Plus Steps to Getting Started
  • Social Media Strategy Introduction
  • Why Should I Participate in Social Media?
  • Why Businesses Use Social Media
  • How Different Businesses Use Social Media
  • Social Media Trends
  • The Importance of a Social Media Strategy
  • Building a Social Media Strategy
Video (YouTube)
  • What is Video Marketing
  • How Big is the Video Opportunity
  • Benefits of Video Marketing
  • Where Can Video be Posted
  • Steps to Planning Video
  • How Businesses are Using Video
Search Ads
Search ads, which are a type of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, are an effective way to get results such as leads, sales, and awareness. In this search advertising course, you will learn how to set up and effectively run search ad campaigns to improve your marketing results, including:
  • Search ads basics and how to start a search ad campaign
  • Determine your business objectives for search ads and the best options
  • How to think strategically when building your campaigns and ads
  • Learn about targeting to get your ads to the right people at the right time.
  • Discover advanced optimization tactics to boost your results
  • Digital Advertising Strategy 
  • Digital Advertising Quick-Start Guide
  • Google Ads Quick-Start Guide
  • Campaign Analysis Checklist – Your Ads Are Failing. What Do You Do?
  • Search Ads and Landing Pages Checklist
  • Online Advertising Glossary Cheat Sheet
Display Ads
Display Digital ads can be extremely effective when run correctly. With over 50% of advertising dollars being spent on digital, you can’t afford to not take full advantage of the power of digital advertising. This digital advertising training course covers the foundations to mastery of digital advertising including the strategic role and purpose of Search, Social, Video, and Display ads.
  • Get familiar with the most popular types of digital ads
  • Learn targeting to get your ads in front of the right people
  • Explore strategies by channel, and creative best practices
  • Discover proper campaigns set-up, ad sets, and ad groups
  • Learn A/B and creative testing to maximize your ROI
  • Paid Digital Advertising Quick-Start Guide
  • Google Ads Quick-Start Guide
  • Metrics Analysis Quick-Start Guide – Google AdWords Quality Score vs. Facebook Relevance Score
  • Campaign Analysis Checklist – Your Ads Are Failing. What Do You Do?
  • Digital Briefing Checklist
  • Media Plan Evaluation Checklist
  • Digital Measurement and KPI Cheat Sheet
  • Digital Ad Channels Cheat Sheet – Understand Which Ad Channels Work Best For Your Marketing Objectives
  • Online Advertising Glossary


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